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 ~ Here are some pictures and information about our “Rabbitry” ~

Our home and Rabbitry is located in the mountains of the upstate of South Carolina. Where our family has lived for over 35 years!
We have many types of trees on and around our property, which help keep it nice and shady in the summer months.

All of our bunnies and rabbits get plenty of time out in the grass to run around and play in one of our outdoor cages!

We always keep a close eye and watch them when we put them out!! Just to make sure they’re safe from predators.
Above are some 3 week old Holland Lop bunnies enjoying their time out in the grass.

Inside our Rabbitry, we have an Air Conditioning unit that we use in the summer months. Which makes is MUCH easier on the rabbits (and us) when it gets hot! We keep it at about 72 degrees.
In the fall and spring we leave the front door of the rabbit house open (only during the day), and open up the attic to let them have some fresh air! The rabbit house also has some “window doors” on the right side of the building (which is away from the sun) that we can open on nice days. Which lets in a nice breeze!
In the winter, we have a small space heater or heat lamps that we use to keep them warm. We try to keep the temperature at about 55 degrees in the “Rabbit House” in the cold months.
One of the reasons we try to keep them so comfortable, is that if they (mainly the Does) stay at a somewhat regular temperature they are more likely to want to breed, then if they were kept outside in the different seasons. Therefore, we can breed all year round. It also cuts down on stress that they can get if kept out in the heat or cold.
We also keep the lights on during the day. Which also helps them stay “productive”.
But overall, we do all this to keep them (and us) comfortable! 🙂

Our “Rabbit House” is a 12′ by 10′ building. It is constructed of cement block that comes half way up the wall, and the rest is wood. It has a small attic that we can store carriers and supplies when need be. It has a cement floor with a drain for easy cleaning.
We also have the roof extended out the back of the building to cover a 12′ by 15′ area. The extended part has a solid roof, but is open air. We have the rest of our cages and hutches out in this area.

In addition to the Rabbits and Chickens, we also have several gardens around our house. Most of which are just ornamental, but we do have a small veggie garden, for both our family and the bunnies! 🙂


Christmas Time!

Some of our favorites!