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I don’t have any baby bunnies available right now. My next litters will be born in July and ready to leave by September.

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*~ Please read over our “Sales Policies” ~*~
before inquiring about one of our rabbits!

Please note that we are located in Travelers Rest, SC before you consider to buy one of our rabbits.
Thank you!

Weight Chart: Holland Lops : 34 Lbs

Pricing for our Rabbits:

Solid colored baby bunnies are $95.00

Broken colored baby bunnies are $105.00

Frosty baby bunnies with blue eyes are $125.00

Blue eyed whites are $150.00

Bunnies that are being rehomed are $60.00

Fuzzy baby bunnies are $80.00 but they are rare

*all pricing is dependent on the particular rabbit and it’s quality, color, and temperament*

We are not a Pet Store and do not have “hours of operation” and we do not give tours. To protect the health of our rabbits and our other animals, we only allow visitors when we have rabbits/bunnies available for purchase. At which time we will bring the bunnies that have been inquired about up to our house for you to see. We have a closed Barn, and do not allow visitors down to our “Rabbit House” for the protection of our rabbits. Please check our “Rabbitry” page for pictures of the inside of our Rabbit House. Thank you for understanding!

All of our rabbits come with an “Info” packet with all the info you need to get started and a small baggie of transition feed

Be sure to take a look at our “Testimonials” page!

Please e-Mail us For Pictures:


**Below are pictures of the colors that our herd can produce**
**These are pictures of PAST bunnies and are not individually available, they are just representations of what we offer**

DSC_1184 (2)DSC_2875

DSC_0179DSC_1277 DSC_9645
— Sable Point —

DSC_0020 102_5774
— Broken Sable Point —

100_6074 Does_Paige
— Siamese Sable —

— Broken Siamese Sable —

DSC_0042 Bucks_Conner
— Seal —

— Black —

DSC_1529 DSC_0412
— Black Tort —

— Broken Black Tort —

DSC_1487 DSC_0534
— Fuzzies —
*they are rare*
(Holland Lops that have the wool gene)