Sales Policy

Pricing for our Rabbits:

Solid colored baby bunnies are $85.00

Broken colored baby bunnies are $95.00

Frosty baby bunnies with blue eyes are $125.00

Bunnies that are being rehomed are $60.00

Fuzzy baby bunnies are $70.00 but they are rare

*all pricing is dependent on the particular rabbit and it’s quality, color, and temperament*

 We are not a Pet Store and do not have ‘hours of operation’ and we do not give tours. To protect the health of our rabbits and our other animals, we only allow visitors when we have rabbits/bunnies available for purchase. At which time we will bring the bunnies that have been inquired about up to our house for you to see. We have a closed Barn, and do not allow visitors down to our “Rabbit House” for the protection of our rabbits.
Thank you for understanding!

The pricing is set according to the quality of the individual rabbit, and can vary in price depending on if it is a Show, Brood, or Pet quality rabbit. There is no guarantee as to how well a rabbit will place at a show, or ability to produce young once sold.

If you are interested in purchasing any rabbit(s) a $30.00 deposit is required for holding any rabbit(s). When the deposit is received, we will hold the rabbit(s) until an agreed upon pick-up time. If the buyer does not confirm pick-up date or does not show up on agreed upon pick-up time and does not contact us to change the date, the rabbit(s) will be placed back up for sale and the $25.00 deposit will not be refunded.

Once a deposit is received for a rabbit that is old enough to leave, it will need to be picked-up from our Rabbitry in Travelers Rest, SC

We will not sell to anyone under the age of 18 unless parent/guardian is present at time of sale. We reserve the right to cancel any sale for any reason before its completion.

We do not ship
our rabbits due to the high cost and stress it causes the rabbit. Rabbits may be picked-up at our Rabbitry in Travelers Rest, SC

We recommend that bunnies/rabbits bought as pets be Spayed & Neutered.

 ~ Return Policy ~

  If for any reason you cannot provide care for the rabbit(s) that we have sold to you. We will gladly take the rabbit back for no charge!
But we ask that you provide a cage with the rabbit, due to that we usually do not have extra cage space.
Thank you! 

We have sold rabbits to owners that live in: SC, NC, GA, TN, WV, VA, FL, AL & KY!

**By purchasing any of our rabbits here at Fisher Farms Rabbitry, you agree to abide by all the terms of our Sales Policy above!!